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Nick Stumbo's Story: How Shame Is Broken When A Pastor Tells All

How to crush the power of shame in your life

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Episode #1

Conquering the Quarantine

Global porn use is up more than 11% during the COVID-19 pandemic. This week's podcast is full of keys you need to get porn free during the quarantine and set yourself up for constant victory when social distancing is a thing of the past.


Episode #59                                June 9, 2021
Richard De La Mora: The Pastor Who Married An Ex-Porn Star 

How would you go about starting a relationship with an ex-porn star? Now what if you happened to be a pastor? Richard De La Mora shares what it was like to hear that people in his life knew Brittni from her past, how he introduced her to his parents, and most importantly, how God helped him see her as a beautiful woman of God not defined by any mistakes she had made.


Find Richard and Brittni at lovealwaysministries.com!


Episode #58                                June 2, 2021
From Porn-Star To Pastor: The Brittni De La Mora Story 

Brittni De La Mora was one of the top porn stars in the world. After growing up in an abusive, godless home, she felt affirmed only when performing in front of adoring men. That is until the man of all men, Jesus Christ, came and showed her a love she'd never known. Listen to Brittni's wild testimony of transformation and being set free from porn, drugs, suicidal thoughts, and countless forms of trauma.

Find Brittni and her husband, Rich, at lovealwaysministries.com!


Episode #57                                May 26, 2021
Keith Johnston: Porn Use And A $15,000 Phone Bill 

Have you been shaken to the core? Getting busted in your porn addiction will do just that! There will often come a time that opens our eyes to how serious a problem we actually have. Hitting rock bottom may seem like a negative thing, but we can choose in those moments to get help instead of staying stuck. In this week's episode, Keith Johnston shares how getting a reality check from the most unlikeliest of places changed his perspective for the better.


Episode #56                                May 19, 2021
Trey Morgan: Intimacy Busters In Marriage

It's easy to let life get in the way of prioritizing marriage, which ALWAYS has an effect on a sex life! Trey Morgan from Stronger Marriages touches on some real issues married people face: normal life situations that kill intimacy in the bedroom. Learn what to avoid to protect intimacy in your marriage, whether that's today or in the future.

You can find Trey and Lea at treyandlea.com.


Episode #55                                May 12, 2021
Trey Morgan: The Nitty Gritty Details Of Amazing Sex In Marriage

Sex is God-ordained, powerful, and (hopefully) fun! It can get better every single year in marriage. When couples understand each other and learn to communicate their preferences and sexual desires, sex will be an exciting and fun part of marriage. Trey and Lea Morgan run Stronger Marriages Workshops all over the USA. This week, Trey shares practical and detailed insights about how to prosper with sex in marriage!

You can find Trey and Lea at treyandlea.com.


Meet Matt and Braden



Matt and Braden here. We're so glad that you're checking out the podcast!


Did you know that there has never been a society that prospered economically while abandoning monogamous values? In other words, as more people seek sexual outlets outside of marriage, lives get wrecked, families get destroyed, and our society suffers the consequences.* When we learned this, it solidified in our minds that we had to speak up.

God's design for sex is meant to be incredible, powerful, and fulfilling.

Sex has been distorted in our world today and we're seeing the consequences.

Now, we're taking a stand to restore healthy sexuality.

Here are 3 things we know:

1) Men and women can get free (and stay free) from porn

2) Spouses can prosper together after porn use and infidelity

3) God will use a person's greatest struggle to propel them into their greatest days

A variety of topics are covered on the podcast and we hope that it will be a valuable resource for you as you join us on the mission of empowering men and women to live in pure victory over unhealthy sexual behaviour.

Welcome to the Pure Victory Podcast. We're excited for you to be a part of our tribe.


                                                                                  - Matt and Braden

*Sex and Culture, J.D. Unwin




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Braden is the Regional Director in Alberta for FamilyLife Canada. FamilyLife has a variety of resources and events to help you and your spouse take your marriage to the next level. See what would benefit you at www.familylifecanada.com


Matt heads up Restored Ministries with a focus on restoring men and women in the church to living free from sexual perversion. There are a number of resources available from online programs, personal coaching, and live events that you can learn about at www.restoredministries.ca.

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Whether it's $50, $200, or $5,000, all one time and monthly contributions will accumulate so every $300 that comes in will open up a spot for another man or woman in need of help.

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